Reserve a Room

Reserving a Room at the Library

The Olathe Public Library offers a variety of meeting spaces for the public. Reservations may be made up to three months in advance on a first-come, first-served basis.

Study rooms 

  • Free and available for individuals and small groups
  • 4 person and 8 person study rooms are available
  • Full Study Room policy

Meeting Rooms

  • Free of charge for meetings of non-profit groups and community organizations.
  • Limited to 15 or fewer participants
  • Meeting Room policy

Event Space

  • For individuals, organizations and businesses
  • Event space may be configured as two smaller rooms (115 persons each) or one large room (230 persons)
  • Full event space policy

Children's Program Room Use

  • For youth organizations with adult supervision needing to meet in a group setting.
  • Group size guided by the size of the room. See the policy for capacities.
  • Children's Program Room policy 

All customers reserving rooms are expected to read and follow the accompanying policy.Failure to comply with the following rules may result in loss of room privileges.